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  • The trans-Atlantic market represents an attractive business opportunity for most European and American technology companies with developed technology, proven products and established domestic customer base.
  • Well-planned and executed expansion into the US or Europe markets can offer high ROI’s relative to expanding into other regions given market size and profit potential.
  • Trans-Atlantic presence boosts the company credibility at home, creating new domestic sales opportunities. The company enjoys immediate domestic benefits.


  • Limited in-house expertise about trans-Atlantic markets is a major concern and a hurdle to expansion. Limited access to qualified resources at reasonable cost hinders the ability of the company to draft a sound trans-Atlantic expansion strategy and execute on it.
  • The lack of visibility and information about the trans-Atlantic markets delays decision-making to expand into the trans-Atlantic markets and realizing significant revenue potential.
  • In some cases, organic growth limited to one continent is not the optimum use of resources and does not maximize shareholder value.

The Solution

Avise Partners was founded with the purpose of making trans-Atlantic market expansion a viable option for European and American technology companies. European and US companies can successfully expand across the Atlantic with minimal risk and high ROI by working with Avise Partners - a partner that understands the context and challenges of the different trans-Atlantic markets.

Avise Partners provides a complete set of business development and corporate finance advisory services for its clients to successfully enter new markets built upon years of experience and an extensive business network. Services include market entry strategy consulting, industry matchmaking events, interim management, partner and customer acquisition, and fund-raising.

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