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Avise Partners utilizes a three-step systematic approach to working with their clients to expand their international business: Engage, Accelerate, and Grow


In the first phase, Avise Partners hosts its clients in the countries of interest and introduces them to potential customers, partners, and investors via strategic industry networking events and one-on-one meetings.


In the second phase, Avise Partners works with its clients to gain an in-depth knowledge of the target market in the target country and to develop a go-to-market plan including positioning and sales strategy. Avise Partners then works with its clients to execute on the go-to-market plan including customer acquisition, strategic partner development, sales channels development, marketing support and other activities to realize revenue potential of the target country


In the third phase, Avise Partners works with its clients to position them for both funding and liquidity events and acts as an advisor in the financial transactions.

“Thanks again for inviting me to the event. It was one of the highest ROI event of the year for me.”

Baris Aksoy, Associate Investment Manager, Intel Capital
“Thank you for inviting me and congratulations on such a quality event.”

Tarun Kalra, Investment Professional, Battery Ventures
“Let me thank you all of you for the organization of this event which was absolutely perfect!”

Sherley Brothier, CTO, Open Trust
“Thank you to yourself and team for well-organized event, especially the 1on1 sessions.”

Marcel Karssen, CFO, Q-go
“Thanks for the invite we met some very interesting companies yesterday.”

Hans van Rietschote, Senior Director, Technology Scouting Group, Symantec
“I was very enthusiastic about the quality of the company I met yesterday.”

Philippe Botteri, Vice President, Bessemer Venture Partners
“Thanks for setting up the meetings for me. Great conference!”

Bridget McMahon, Director, Strategy and Development, CBS Interactive
“I had very good meetings and enjoyed the conversations. You and your team did a great job putting this together.”

Andreas Weiskam, Partner, SAP Ventures
“I congratulate you and your team on a great job on the Euro Tech Showcase. We look forward to participating in future events.”

Quinn Li, Senior Manager, Qualcomm Ventures, Qualcomm